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Calibrated Accurate Level

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Probably the Most Accurate Digital Level Available. Other angle and level apps have beautiful graphics, but none are as accurate (as far as I can tell!)
Measure angles more accurately. * Unique Latitude Calibration with local gravity and GPS* Advanced Trigonometry* Sophisticated Sensor Analysis.
The world is not perfectly round, and gravity changes with your location. This is the only level I know of that calibrates for latitude. This app shows you the local gravity value and the calibrated and uncelebrated angle values for comparison.
If you live “in the middle” your existing digital level may be fine, for example OH, PA, RI, UT, WI, WA; Paris, Munich, Rome, Wellington NZ, and Trelew AR. These places are between the equator and a pole. If you live closer to the equator or north or south then your existing digital level may not be giving you the correct values.
Try This Test With Your Existing Digital Level:1. Small Angles) This level will accurately measure angles close to 0 degrees *and* 90 degrees. Check if the level you are using can measure 1 degree *and* 89 degrees by slightly tilting your phone. We have seen many levels that can read well close to 0 but poorly close to 90, and vice versa.2. A 90 Degree Rotation) This level can measure a 90 degrees rotation. Hold the phone in one direction, check the reading (0 or 90 degrees) and slowly rotate it 90 degrees. Watch the reading. This level will smoothly read from 0 to 90. Now try that with your existing level. We have seen popular digital levels with beautiful graphics read 96 degrees when rotating the phone 90 degrees!3. I Do Not Live In The Middle) If you do not live near one of these states or cities then a digital level needs to know your location to accurately measure angles: OH, PA, RI, UT, WI, WA; Paris, Munich, Rome, Wellington NZ, and Trelew AR.
World Level gives values in degrees and grade (slope)
Permissions: GPS/Location to get your latitude and calibrate the level. You can use the app with GSP turned off and set your location using the menu options (some android versions require GPS turned on). Internet to send *anonymous* info on your phone model, android version, and language settings so I can support the popular phones and languages. This info is sent to You can turn this ON/OFF in the menu.
New: Angle and % Grade, app to SD card, large screen size, bug fix. Angle Incline and Slope
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Full info, screen shots, TOS on web site. Spirit level World Level